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Broken Heart
Broken Heart
So, that seed you planted in your heart
with so much hope and expectation,
tended and fertilized,
That seed that grew and shot its roots deep into your gut, your groin, your psyche
That tree that cracked you open
and exploded through your head,
that held so much promise
and so many of your dreams…
It turned out to be a lemon tree, did it?
Bitter, biting, sour, cruel.

What are you going to do?
Continue to rail at it for not being what you thought, expected, wanted?
Suffer incessantly with repeated sampling
of sour memories?
Sow more of them?
The beast balances poignantly on the precipice
between virulent, dry abandonment of the soul
and Surrender.

From where inside of me
Can I find the sweetness
To turn acid into lemonade?
The sugar to draw forth the juice
To flow out of my bosom
Drip onto the earth
Flourish in a cornucopia
of abundance, vibrancy, variety,
luscious experiences of ecstasy?
Recognition that the sweet so exquisitely delights the tongue
because of first tasting the sour?

Gracias a Dios
or whatever other truth you cherish;
Thanks be.
For the gift
that broke me open
bled me ‘til I wanted to die
‘til I was reborn
Bigger, better, bountiful
Branches stretched high
Towards the sweet, sweet sun
Breeze-blown, beautiful

© Dawn Aegle 2014

Broken Heart
Broken Heart
A finger painting by Dawn Aegle | © 2014
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