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If you feel damaged by a toxic relationship, as though you no longer know yourself, or even have a self… 

If your last breakup left you feeling hopeless about your future… 

If you feel like you haven’t fully recovered, even if your relationship ended many years ago… 

Then you may have been harmed by a partner who has some of the pathological traits of narcissism, borderline or antisocial personality disorder or other damaging psychopathology. takes a positive, proactive approach to helping you regain your self and your sense of possibility. We can:

1.  Support you through the pain of the early withdrawal symptoms
2.  Show you how to care for yourself in a healing chrysalis (cocoon)
3.  Guide you to flourish in a new life that is even better than you had before (BTB4™)

My name is Dawn Aegle and I am glad you have found your way to Our inbox magazine experts and I look forward to being part of your support team as you heal and grow from the trauma of a toxic relationship. 

Because survival is not enough…
Life After Toxic: Grateful For Gratitude
A Thanksgiving Message
Issue #88 | November 16, 2018
By Dawn Aegle

This article is the proof that it’s possible to find happiness and joy after a toxic relationship. The avenue is gratitude and that’s something that you control completely.

How do I know? It’s in front of my face every day now…since I started living with my mother again. She’s 90. She exudes joy and everyone loves her. She’s had two long-term toxic relationships and been ‘solo’ for 40 years. Everything material she ever had has been scammed from her or given away from her generous heart…the same way she gives love and acceptance to anyone around her.

Her secret is gratitude. I hear her express it to others every day and she tells me, too. You might expect she would feel grateful that I have moved in to take care of her, but she’s the same way with everyone and she glows when she talks to you. 

Most of us in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving next week and Canadians did the same last month. I think these holidays have endured because they speak to something deep within the human spirit. If we can access it, then all of life becomes a celebration because we either learn to see value in ‘the bad stuff’ or the bad stuff pales in comparison to the rest of life. This is what differentiates us from a pathological partner. We can learn and we can feel.

What’s All The Hoopla About Gratitude?
I know how difficult it can be to find gratitude when you feel the damage a toxic relationship has caused. And I know how much difference it makes when I focus my attention on what I’m grateful for instead of what was done to me or the damage I see in myself.  ...   Read More
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