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If you feel damaged by a toxic relationship, as though you no longer know yourself, or even have a self… 

If your last breakup left you feeling hopeless about your future… 

If you feel like you haven’t fully recovered, even if your relationship ended many years ago… 

Then you may have been harmed by a partner who has some of the pathological traits of narcissism, borderline or antisocial personality disorder or other damaging psychopathology. takes a positive, proactive approach to helping you regain your self and your sense of possibility. We can:

1.  Support you through the pain of the early withdrawal symptoms
2.  Show you how to care for yourself in a healing chrysalis (cocoon)
3.  Guide you to flourish in a new life that is even better than you had before (BTB4™)

My name is Dawn Aegle and I am glad you have found your way to Our inbox magazine experts and I look forward to being part of your support team as you heal and grow from the trauma of a toxic relationship. 

Because survival is not enough…
Are You Addicted To A Past Toxic Relationship? 
Issue #75 | August 17, 2018
By Alex Myles

Note from Dawn:
Letting go after a toxic relationship doesn't happen quickly or easily, or even just by making a decision. Alex Myles has shared your experience and has some good suggestions below for overcoming the addiction to a former toxic partner. Yet remember that timing is critical. Allow your own process, begin to know yourself again and you will know what is your 'right timing' for each phase of letting go.

It is not always easy to cut emotional cords with those who aren’t good for us.

Many of us dwell in pondering over whether we should try harder or whether it is finally time to walk away.

In many ways, severing ties with someone we are in an unhealthy entanglement with can be similar to quitting a harmful addiction. We know there are plenty of reasons to end it, but we come up with a flurry of explanations to try to excuse ourselves for the reasons we don’t.

When we feel an intense emotional bond toward someone, we sometimes try to fool ourselves that we are stronger for holding tightly to a dysfunctional relationship and for repeatedly trying to work things out. We think there is strength in that, but our true strength shines when we find the courage to cut emotional ties with people whose behavior is emotionally, mentally or physically harming us.

It's Not So Simple To Just "Let Go"
We can tell ourselves we need to “let go” a million times or more, however, those words won’t fully sink in until we genuinely want to let go and totally release ourselves from the connection.

Ironically, the more we work to let go and cut those cords, the more forcefully we seem to hold on, as all of our energy is focused on navigating the ending, rather ...  Read More
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Were (Are) You Addicted To A Toxic Partner?
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