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If you feel damaged by a toxic relationship, as though you no longer know yourself, or even have a self… 

If your last breakup left you feeling hopeless about your future… 

If you feel like you haven’t fully recovered, even if your relationship ended many years ago… 

Then you may have been harmed by a partner who has some of the pathological traits of narcissism, borderline or antisocial personality disorder or other damaging psychopathology. takes a positive, proactive approach to helping you regain your self and your sense of possibility. We can:

1.  Support you through the pain of the early withdrawal symptoms
2.  Show you how to care for yourself in a healing chrysalis (cocoon)
3.  Guide you to flourish in a new life that is even better than you had before (BTB4™)

My name is Dawn Aegle and I am glad you have found your way to Our inbox magazine experts and I look forward to being part of your support team as you heal and grow from the trauma of a toxic relationship. 

Because survival is not enough…
How To Restore Finances After A Toxic Relationship: Cash
Your Freedom Generator, Part 2
Issue #84 | October 19, 2018
By Dr. Tony Pennells

Nearly everyone who has been in a toxic relationship has experienced financial abuse. Now that you are away from a pathological partner and have stabilized your self-care, it is time to begin the process of recovering your financial health.

In previous articles you have learned how to address your mental attitude, get out of debt and get organized. If you haven't set up your Perfect Account Structure yet, that should be a top priority. With that foundation in place, last quarter we addressed how to take charge of your financial future and begin creating wealth with an overview of the Freedom Generator.

Today’s article starts a series that examines the components of the Freedom Generator in more detail, which I recommend as the best way to grow wealth and create Financial Freedom.

Let’s Start with the End in Mind—Your Cash Bucket
Your Cash Bucket is the alpha and omega of your journey to Freedom. Establishing this bucket is the very first step you take in building your Freedom Generator. And later, the Cash Bucket is the money spigot that you twist on when your Freedom Day finally arrives. 

As we discuss the step-by-step process for how to build a Freedom Generator, don’t forget that the path to Freedom is not a sketchy get-rich-quick strategy. Even better, it’s a get-free-for-certain strategy. If you ...  Read More
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