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If you feel damaged by a toxic relationship, as though you no longer know yourself, or even have a self… 

If your last breakup left you feeling hopeless about your future… 

If you feel like you haven’t fully recovered, even if your relationship ended many years ago… 

Then you may have been harmed by a partner who has some of the pathological traits of narcissism, borderline or antisocial personality disorder or other damaging psychopathology. takes a positive, proactive approach to helping you regain your self and your sense of possibility. We can:

1.  Support you through the pain of the early withdrawal symptoms
2.  Show you how to care for yourself in a healing chrysalis (cocoon)
3.  Guide you to flourish in a new life that is even better than you had before (BTB4™)

My name is Dawn Aegle and I am glad you have found your way to Our inbox magazine experts and I look forward to being part of your support team as you heal and grow from the trauma of a toxic relationship. 

Because survival is not enough…
Money Mistakes? How To Forgive Yourself
Issue #58 | April 20, 2018
By Dr. Tony Perrells

Many of you who have emerged from a toxic relationship may find yourself in bad financial circumstances through no fault of your own other than hooking up with the wrong partner.

But ultimately, the responsibility for bad financial decisions rests on your shoulders. I say this not to blame, but to help you realize that when you accept responsibility, you also gain the power to make things different.

The most precious thing that money can buy is time. But if you (or your toxic partner) spent a lot of money you didn’t have on wants rather than needs, coming to terms with the damage can be difficult.

Forgiving yourself, and truly moving on from the financial mistakes of your past, is one of the toughest aspects of the journey toward Financial Freedom. Your head is filled with “I should haves…” and laments of “if only I had done…” And sometimes this negative self-talk is so loud you can’t think clearly.

But self-pity isn’t productive and won’t get you closer toward your goals. In fact, not forgiving yourself is counterintuitive. The relationship between shame and relapse is well documented. And trying to avoid experiencing those feelings of shame can translate into other behaviors like binge spending.

The bottom line: The key to changing your past is embracing it.   ...  Read More
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